Rejuvenate Your Vision

Your life is dynamic — whether at work or play, your days are filled with activities that require your vision to be crystal clear. Unfortunately for many of us, cataracts can interfere with the things in life that we love most and limit our ability to live life to the fullest. While cataracts can be a natural part of aging, there is no reason to live with this potentially debilitating condition due to extraordinary advancements in surgical technology. Today, cataracts can be corrected with a micro-incision, state of the art, outpatient surgery so common that over 3 million procedures are performed in the United States each year.

Board-certified, Fellowship trained ophthalmologist and surgeon, Dr. Laura L. Harris of Cataract Consultants in Wilmington, North Carolina provides outstanding diagnosis and surgical treatment of cataracts and related eye conditions and diseases. From our expertly‑trained surgical team and modern equipment, to our friendly and efficient office staff, we offer the best treatment options available without sacrificing the convenience of local care.

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